Hello Hair Salon

Work —

Visual Identity, Website Concept

Role —

Design & Art Direction

Client —

Hello Hair

Intro —

Hello Hair is a new hair salon on the southern coast of the UK. The owners strong vision and fresh approach to hair styling and colour allowed for equally strong design, using bold typography, vibrant colours and striking art direction as a means to stand out from their competitors.

Visual identity —

A clean, fun identity that's robust but inline with Hello Hairs mission statement.

Initial ideation —

A handful of options inspired by the shapes of seaside sweets.

Chosen logo —

An option that when given a white fill is able to sit with a strong contrast against any background.

Pattern Development —

A selection of hand rendered patterns were developed and stress tested.

Logo and pattern —

The addition of the white to the logo proved successful, helping to clearly separate the logo from the more complex and busy background.