Hot Salvation Records

Work —

Visual Identity, Ecommerce

Role —

Designer & Art Direction

Client —

Hot Salvation

Intro —

Hot Salvation Records is an independent label and vinyl-only record store based in Folkestone, Kent. Their passion for vinyl and belief in a re-emerging format has been key to making the store a success. I worked with the owners to create an identity and e commerce solution that carries their vision forwards.

Initial ideation —

A handful of four brand marks were shortlisted, all using the Hot Salvation Initials to form a monogram of interlocking characters.

Further development —

A mark with good contrast between characters was chosen and a circular band added to build on the vinyl metaphor.

Logomtype —

Bold, bottom heavy type treatment allowing for good legibility.

Combined elements —

Both monogram and logotype can be used together or separated out. Rules were established to how and when this can be done.

Style guide —

A typography guide was created, written in non-designer language with easy, understandable how-to guides for implementing the typographic rules. This included advice on setting line height and paragraph spacing, installing fonts on the store's machines, understanding the use of contrast and setting hierarchy.

Ultimately, providing this information has allowed store staff to design social posts and store signage at minimum cost and ensure that all touch points are consistent with the brand.

Mobile screens —

Large desktop —