x Stella McCartney capsule collection microsite


User Interface and Interaction designer


Clubhouse Studios

Stella McCartney's capsule fitness collection is designed for women and inspired by Adidas' global network of female athletes.

I was brought in to work in a tight 3 person UI/UX/Production team, to define patterns, components and core interactions. These would then be applied to a final site roll out in the subsequent weeks.

Transitions & Interactions

A number of approaches for viewing product details, product images and adding products to basket were explored in the sprint.

Due to the nature of the microsite only existing over a small number of pages, Principle proved to be the perfect prototyping tool, allowing us to test in somewhat realistic conditions. After Effect was then taken up to fine tune the chosen route.

Card Development

UI Concepts


Dan Coppock, UX Direction

Sarah Grimmond, Production